Ronin – French Toast To Die For!

Ronin is one of those cafes where you meet up for brunch and catch up with your BFFs on the weekends. Definitely not a place for mugging or for business meetings. The place is lively with lots of people and conversations going on. The interior is dimly lit and has an industrial decor. The place is great for a group of 2-4. Bigger than that, you might have to wait for a little or share the big round table with other patrons.

I visited the place on a Saturday afternoon and was lucky to get a table as a couple had just finished and was about to leave. The staff was very prompt in attending to incoming patrons and would advise on possible waiting times. The menu is hung on the wall to your left when you enter.

I ordered the Savoury French Toast (S$16) and a hot Wicked Mocha (S$6). They also offer the Sweet French Toast (S$16) which has berries and cold Wicked Mocha (S$8).

The Savoury French Toast came with 3 thick slices of toast, braised sliced up green apples and 2 slices of bacon.

First on to our beverage: Hot Wicked Mocha. The coffee was rich and not overly bitter with the sweetness of chocolate balancing the flavours. The mint added a refreshing aftertaste to the drink.

The toast totally blew me away. It may look like a slice of bread on the outside but when I landed my first bite, the experience was pretty complexed and wonderful. The outer layer was a thin layer of lightly fried egg. The inner layer was this soft custard-like consistency as the bread soaked up the egg mixture. The taste of this amazing toast drenched in maple syrup was absolutely sublime. The slight sourness of the green apples balanced the sweetness of the syrup. The bacon was soft, savoury and slightly salty. This sweet-salty taste together with the syrup made for a delightful combination.

In short, Ronin has good ambience and good food. Definitely will be back for the french toast!

17 Hong Kong Street
Singapore 059660
Opening Hours:
Daily 8am-6pm

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