Yew Chuan Claypot Rice 酉川沙煲饭 – You Gotta Try This!

Yew Chuan Claypot Rice, operated by a husband and wife duo, has been my go-to for claypot rice cravings for several years now. It was previously located at the basement of Golden Mile Food Centre and has moved up to the first level. They used to offer double boiled soups as well but it was scrapped from their menu after they shifted. Single portion claypot rice option at $6 is no longer available. Prices are now S$12/18/24/30.

I arrived on a Sunday evening at approximately 5pm and there were already several customers seated at the tables waiting their order. I ordered a $12 portion and roughly waited 30 minutes for it to arrive. The claypot rice is cooked only when you order to ensure it is nice and hot when served.

Finally, my order came and I could not wait to dig in. The rice formed the base and the ingredients on top included marinated chicken pieces, Chinese sausage, green vegetables and 2 chunks of salted fish. I proceeded to drizzle the dark soy sauce and oil which was provided on top of the dish. I smashed the salted fish chunks before mixing all the rice and ingredients together to infuse the soya sauce and salted fish aromas.

The rice was cooked perfectly without any stickiness or clumping. I could taste the fragrant soy sauce and salted fish flavours in the rice. The chicken chunks were extremely tender and rich in flavour. The Chinese sausages added an intense sweet-salty flavour that paired well with the dish. The green vegetables were firm and added a little crunch. The chilli provided had a mild garlic taste and is a tad spicy.

I would say that Yew Chuan Claypot Rice is one of the better stalls around Singapore and you should definitely head down to try it.

Yew Chuan Claypot Rice
505 Beach Road
Golden Mile Food Centre
Singapore 199583
Opening Hours:
Mondays-Wednesdays, Fridays 12-830pm
Saturdays & Sundays 4-830pm
Thursdays Closed

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