Lau Pa Sat Best Satay Stall 7 & 8

Lau Pa Sat Satay Street has become more of a tourist location than a local foodie hangout as of late. As the name suggests, the entire street is lined with stalls predominately selling satay. Lau Pa Sat Food Hawker Centre, which is located beside the street, do offer alternative cuisines if you have other cravings. The place is easily identifiable by billowing smoke from the charcoal fire and numerous rows of tables and chairs that line Boon Tat Street in the evening.

Satay, a well-loved delicacy in Singapore, is made by grilling marinated chunks of either beef, chicken, mutton or pork on a charcoal fire. Prawns are also another popular choice here at Lau Pa Sat.

The most famous stalls are Stalls 7 & 8. They have been repeated featured on local and overseas food and travel TV programs and have garnered several food accolades over the years. The Halal stall offers 3 different choices of meat: beef, mutton, chicken as well as prawns. Rice cakes are also available on the menu.

As competition is stiff with many stalls jostling for business, vendors tend to be aggressive and tout customers. Simply move through to the mid-section of the street until you see the number 8 on the stall. You can then order directly at the stall to be certain that you got the right stall.

During my trip there, I ordered the 3 different types of meat: beef (S$0.70), chicken (S$0.70), mutton (S$0.70) including 1 rice cake (S$1.00). Fresh slices of cucumbers and onions are included on the side.

The chicken was unimpressive and was kind of dry. It was a little bland and not very flavoursome.
The mutton, on the other hand, was extremely moist and savoury with a slight gamey taste. The flavours of the marinate really come through to your taste buds. There are some small bits of fats that give a chewy texture to each bite.
The beef was leaner and less fatty compared to the mutton. It was equally flavourful but with an even chewier consistency due to the nature of the meat.
The satay sauce, which is a mixture of ground peanuts, water and several other spices, was delightful and complimented the meats well. The large chunks of peanuts provided a little bit of crunch to the tender meat. The spiciness of the sauce was mild and I wished there was more kick to it.
Finally, the rice cake was the standard type that can be found in any other satay stalls.

Overall, the mutton was definitely the highlight of this dish with its rich and wholesome flavour. The grilled prawns will have to wait until my next visit.

Best Satay 7 & 8
18 Raffles Quay
Singapore 048582
Opening Hours:
Weekdays 7pm-1am
Weekends 3pm-1am

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